Annual Seed Swap

saturday february 3, 2018

@Suffolk County Community College, Riverhead Campus

121 Speonk Riverhead Rd, Riverhead, NY


Imagine the annual seed swap as an old fashioned Facebook for seeds.  Seed swaps serve so many purposes; not only are they fun, they are a way to meet other gardeners, farmers and seed savers, brush up on new techniques, ask questions, and of course GET NEW SEEDS for your collection. Double bonus for breaking up the winter blues that afflict those of us who love working with the dirt.

Our annual seed swap has grown more than we could have dreamed in the past two years!  We have all the volunteers, sponsors, seedy people and of course public to thank for that.  It is very encouraging to witness so many people interested in preserving and sharing seeds.

 Join us this year no matter if you are a veteran, beginner or just curious. 


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2nd annual LIRSC seed swap

Morning session programs

9:30 AM-12:30 PM

Shinnecock Building



9AM - Check in and registration begins in the Shinnecock Building.

$20 per person for the day, $30 per family - includes all programming, talks and the afternoon swap.

$5 Seed Swap only

Morning session - 9:30 am -12:30 PM

Seed Swap 1pm-4pm



Blossom Sustainable Development will present an indigenous perspective on food security. In doing so we will briefly discuss our history from the hunting and gathering periods to the cultivating periods and what food security means to us today.



Come learn about 2 local farms, Elija Farm and Orkestai, that serve and incorporate diverse populations with autism and developmental disabilities.

Orkestai is a not-for-profit ecological farm that explores the relationships between Ability, Ecology, Agriculture & Art. Their program fosters pre-vocational skills development, healthy living, social engagement, and so much more for the community at large, including those with developmental and emotional needs.

Debora Thivierge and Randy Horowitz founded ELIJA Farm as a non-profit project in 2016. ELIJA Farm’s unique CSA model offers programmatic opportunities for diverse populations and integrates members into the life and community of the farm.




The Feisty Acres Bobwhite Quail Release Program has been active since the spring of 2016 and hopes to continue on for seasons to come. Each year, 200 - 500 adolescent Bobwhite Quail are released on the farm. Along with releasing birds, Feisty Acres aims to bring to light the importance of managing and preserving land that facilitates appropriate habitat for Bobwhite Quail and other native species on Long Island. Bobwhites are most famous for being ravenous consumers of deer ticks, dog ticks, etc. but also hunt other pests such as potato beetles, thrips, and leaf hoppers. Decades ago, these upland game birds helped to keep insect populations in check, but due to over-development, lack of suitable habitat, and a quickly dwindling gene pool their numbers have fallen dramatically. During this presentation, the program's successes and failures will be discussed as well as future release dates and how the local community can become involved.



Seed libraries unite! This round table presents an opportunity to exchange ideas, best practices, future initiatives and events.



Come meet your colleagues, friends, and future friends(!) during this meet-up co-hosted by Amagansett Food Institute!



1 PM - 4 PM

Montaukett Library



Peconic Building

Long Island Native Plant Initiative

Suffolk Community College

Long Island Regional Seed Consortium

Amagansett Food Institute

Long Island Horticultural Society

Turn of the Corkscrew books

Green Earth Agriculture

Elija Farm

Blossom Sustainable Development














Seed Swap Faq

How much is it to go?
$20 for the day per person, $30 per family - kids free; including all programming and talks.

$5 for the swap only.

What seeds can I bring?
You can bring vegetable, flower or herb seeds you have saved that have not crossed with other types (if you do - it will be a bummer for everyone), commercial excess seed from last year, tubers, fruit scions, and bulbs.  Typically, bring seeds that are open-pollinated or seeds that can be saved as "true-to-type". Do not bring hybrid seeds (usually they say on the packet F1) or seeds that are really old and/or will have poor germination.

All seeds should be clearly labeled with variety, species and year harvested or purchased.

I have a lot of seeds in jars/bags, what should I do?
Bring whatever you may have and we will help you re-package it into smaller packets with labels. Just mention it when you come in.

What type of seeds shouldn't I bring?
Invasives, hybrid F1’s, old seed that won’t germinate, the mean neighbor who no one likes, and pirates.


There are so many seeds! This is awesome!                       Yes, it's true its awesome and inspiring. However, please only take what you need for the coming year. Any excess you take is removing an opportunity for someone else.


I am new to seed saving and don’t have any seeds to swap. Help! What do I do?
It’s OK, you don’t need to bring seeds, although we strongly encourage it. You can bring leftover seeds you may have from last years garden. If you don’t have any seeds to share, you will still walk away with seeds to start saving. The number you can take will be very limited, however.

Will you have rare cultivars?
Yes, but these may be limited to folks who bring seed depending on the turn out.


What else besides seeds do I bring?

Seeds, a writing instrument like a pen or marker, small envelopes to put the seed in.


I only have a few seeds (or no seeds!) to share.

That's OK. New folks to seed swaps may not have a lot to exchange, but it's a good thing to go and start somewhere.


I have questions, who can ask?

The great thing about the event is there are plenty of volunteers, many of whom are master gardeners, on hand to answer questions.








We need your help! 

The LIRSC is looking for seedy volunteers to help plan, organize and run the 4th Annual Seed Swap! Interested in learning more?  Please fill out the form below and our team will contact you ASAP.  Thanks!

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