The Long Island

Regional Seed Consortium

 A not-for-profit organization dedicated to education, advocacy, and research to foster and nurture local seed systems.

Celebrate biodiversity one heirloom at a time.  Join us for our 3 day Long Island Cheese Pumpkin event.


Without local seed production, local food is missing a critical and fundamental link in the chain.  We believe in the seed sovereignty and open source maintenance of seed that is available to everyone.  It is the right of every person to save seed and improve on varieties as he/she sees fit.  Seed saving increases biodiversity through personal choice and agency.

The LIRSC works closely with breeders, farmers, chefs, gardeners and other organizations to spread the word about the importance of biodiversity, regional varieties and seed saving. Through various projects like The Long Island Cheese Pumpkin Project, the annual seed swap and seed library launching and support, we strive to bring the importance of a sustainable food culture to the forefront.


Through our on-farm research, we are evaluating, trialing and actively breeding new varieties for the Long Island region.

Also, part of our initiative will be comprehensively providing historical data and information of Long Island and regional varieties. While some of these varieties are lost forever or on the verge of extinction it is important to have a record of them. We aim to make this compilation of historical ephemera and information available to everyone; from scholars to school gardens. It absolutely critical that a tangible written history be maintained so food culture can be passed on to future generations in addition to being celebrated now, rather than being lost to time.

Upcoming Events

Long Island Cheese Pumpkin Celebration

November 12-14, 2016 @ Jimmy's No. 43

(43 E 7th St, New York, NY 10003)

Join us for a three day celebration of the Long Island Cheese Pumpkin.  Saved from near extinction from local seed saver, breeder and botanist Ken Ettlinger, the Long Island Cheese Pumpkin has emerged once again as the region's top pie pumpkin.  Come learn the incredible story behind this amazing variety with distinguished guest panelists such as Amy Goldman Fowler, Ken Greene, Johanna Kolodny and Derek Diguglielmo. Sample dishes, desserts and beer all made from the pumpkin.  Take part in a dessert competition or chef's cook-off.  Join us for a 5 course dinner by five NYC renowned chefs! 

Join us one day or all three!

November 12, 2016

  • Panel about the LI Cheese Pumpkin and why supporting food diversity is so important.

  • Blue Point Brewing Company "Seeds and Suds" LICP beer tasting

  • LICP food tastings

  • Amateur Dessert Contest (Awards given!  Enter today!)

November 13, 2016

  • Chefs Cook-off

  • People Choice and Judges Choice awards

November 14, 2016

  • LICP Dinner at Jimmy's No 43. with 5 renowned NYC chefs

Chef, Andrew Corrigan
Pastry Chef, Stephen Collucci

Chef, Hillary Sterling

Hundred Acres
Chef, Ayesha Nurdjaja

Chef, Angel Andrarde

  • Blue Point Brewing Company, Long Island Cheese Pumpkin Beer and One glass of Long Island Wine (TBA) is included.

  • Educational dialog about the pumpkin

Guest Panelists

Amy Goldman fowler

Award winning author, artist, philanthropist, and well-known advocate for seed saving, plant breeding, and heirloom fruits and vegetables.

Goldman’s writing has appeared in such publications as Martha Stewart Living and Organic Gardening. She has been profiled by the New York Times, Washington Post, New York Sun, Organic Style, and Horticulture. In addition, she has appeared on Martha Stewart Living TV and PBS's The Victory Garden.

Johanna Kolodny

Ms. Kolodny worked in the food industry at large for the past 15 years, starting a food systems consultancy in 2013. Clients range from food service, distributors, farmers, food product companies to food tech and more with an array of services from supply chain logistics to marketing and sales.

Ken Ettlinger

Mr. Ettlinger is a retired botany professor, seed saver and vegetable breeder who helped save the Long Island Cheese Pumpkin from extinction.

Derek DiGuglielmo

Founder of Eat Local NY. Entrepreneur, homebrewer, philanthropist, reader and traveler.

Stephanie Gaylor

Owner of Invincible Summer Farms and founding member of Long Island Regional Seed Consortium

 Jim Richards

Cask master and brewer at Blue Point Brewing Company.  Richards formulated the Long Island Cheese Pumpkin beer recipe. 

 Jason Foscolo

The Food Law Firm, dedicated to serving hard-working, creative people who feed us.

 Ken Greene

Ken founded the Hudson Seed Library in 2004. He is a tireless advocate for seed sovereignty and the important role of art in celebrating our agricultural and horticultural heritage.


Is the author of Out East Foodie, a writer for Edible East End and Edible Long Island Magazines for her What’s in Season column, is on the board for Slow Food East End, and is one of the founders and coordinator for the Long Island Cheese Pumpkin Project.