Sweet Fingerling Peppers

We saw these little sweet peppers imported from Mexico in a local market a few years ago and began to grow them from saved seed. The plants are short but produce a dozen or more little fruit.  There continues to be delightful variability each year that we grow them. We have quite a range of colors;  red, dark orange, light orange and yellow. We also have a recent selection of a larger sized variation of the red kind.  Each color starts out green and then changes into their mature color quickly.  

Bell Peppers are not our best performing peppers but we have been growing a mix for many years.  We had some loaded plants this year in Long Island Bell Mix;  including a traditional green to red bell that had 11 nice, full sized bell peppers. 

Another kind of bell pepper that appeared this year was Little Bell, a very productive yellow to red kind developed from Gypsy and in the 2-3 inch range.  While the peppers are smaller than conventional bells, they are free of fruit rot (phytophthora) and sun scald and tend to be very productive.  We expect great things from this little open-pollinated gem.