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Join the LIRSC

This year grow a garden of diversity and help support the work we do by becoming a member of LIRSC.

Imagine growing hundreds of different varieties in your garden for only $100! 

For your $100 membership, you will receive:

  • LIRSC Garden of Diversity - 12 seed packets (choose from over 70!)
  • Visit to the LIRSC fields, farmers, breeders and staff in Southold, NY
  • Access to our email hotline for questions and tips

Instead of one variety of zucchini in our packet of summer squash mix there will be 16 varieties of bush zucchini;  dark to light green, creamy white to golden yellow, striped and mottled.  Our mix of pole bean include 12 varieties in one packet, green, yellow, purple, round and flat pods; all gourmet varieties.  Why buy a packet with one kind of lettuce when we include over 20 of the best in a variety of textures and colors.  Gardening has never been so much fun.  

We invite you to grow a garden that will give you the entire spectrum of colors, tastes and textures.  When you order these seed mixes, you access the LIRSC seed bank where we maintain thousands of different varieties from all over the world.  It’s the same bank that we use when we are screening varieties for regional adaptation, disease resistance, nutrition and flavor characteristics. This year we are growing out many of our unique varieties at Invincible Summer Farm where we collaborate on projects.

Select 12 packets out of the 70+  different seed mixes from our seed company sponsor, Salt of the Earth Seed Company.  For your membership payment we will send you your “Garden of Diversity” postpaid and an invitation to one of our summer evening events at Invincible Summer Farm in Southold, NY where you can enjoy farm hospitality and learn more about what we do, discover ways that you can be involved in the work of LIRSC and access our e-mail hotline where you can send questions directly to our farm staff.