Garden of Diversity - LIRSC Membership

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Garden of Diversity - LIRSC Membership


This year grow a garden of diversity and help support the work we do by becoming a member of LIRSC.

Grow hundreds of different varieties in your garden for only $100.

  • 15 packets of seed (Choose from over 70 packets - see below)
  • quarterly newsletter with info and tips
  • discounts on yearly events
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  • Bush Bean- Colorful Gourmet Mix
  • Bush Bean- Green and Yellow Garden Beans Mixed
  • Pole Garden Bean- Ultimate Multicolor Mix
  • Pole Garden Bean- Emerite or Fortex Mix
  • Yard Long Bean- Mixed Varieties
  • Runner Bean- Runner Beans Mixed
  • Dwarf Shelling Peas- English Pea Mix
  • Dwarf Snow Pea- Heirloom Mix
  • Tall Snow Pea- Monk’s Madness Mix
  • Dwarf Snap Pea- Stringless Snap Pea Mix
  • Soybean- Edamame Mix
  • Beet- Colorful Roots Mix
  • Beet- Sweet Beet Mix
  • Chard- Color Mix
  • Carrot- We Three Orange Mix
  • Carrot- Super Colorful Mix
  • Radish- Simple Round Red and White Mix
  • Radish- Farmers Friend Radish Mix
  • Turnip- White Orient Mix
  • Rutabaga- Swede Mix
  • Broccoli- All Season Mix
  • Broccoli- Greens Mix
  • Broccoli-Raab- Raab Mix
  • Cabbage- So Many Kinds Cabbage Mix
  • Brussels Sprouts- Mixed Brussels Sprouts
  • Cauliflower- Colorful Curds Cauliflower Mix
  • Collards- Leaf Cabbages Mix
  • Kale- Winter Kale Mix
  • Kohlrabi- Vienna Kohlrabi Mix
  • Kohlrabi- Giant Kohlrabi Mix
  • Bulbing Onion- Northern Onion Mix
  • Leek- Winter Hardy Mix
  • Okra- Okra Mix
  • Eggplant- Diverse Mix of Eggplants
  • Eggplant- Three Italians Mix


  • Sweet Peppers- All Kinds Mixed
  • Sweet Pepper- Colorful Bell Pepper Mix
  • Sweet Pepper- Yummy Mixed
  • Sweet Peppers- Baby Bell Mixed
  • Hot Pepper- Hot Pepper Mix
  • Cantaloupe/MuskmelonMix
  • Watermelon- Sweet and Colorful Mix
  • Lettuce- Let Us Grow Lettuce Mix
  • Celery- Mixed Celery
  • Celeriac- Mixed
  • Bulbing Fennel- Florence Mixed
  • Chicory- Chicory and Raddichio Mixed
  • Endive- Endive and Escarole Mixed
  • Spinach- I Am What I AM Mixed
  • Mustard- East Meets West Mixed
  • Cucumber- Mixed Slicing Cucumbers
  • Cucumber- Mixed Pickling Cucumbers
  • Summer Squash- Asteroid Scallop Summer Squash Mix
  • Summer Squash- Orbit Round Summer Squash Mix
  • Summer Squash- Widgets Summer Squash Grex
  • Summer Squash- Colorful Zucchini Mix
  • Summer Squash- Not a Crook-Yellow Squash Mix
  • Winter Squash- Acorn and Dumpling Squash Mix
  • Winter Squash- Hubbard Mix
  • Winter Squash- Large and Decorative Mix
  • Winter Squash- Smaller Kinds Mixed
  • Pumpkin- Halloween Pumpkins Mix
  • Sweet Corn- “Earliest” Sweet Corn Mix
  • Sweet Corn- “Worth Waiting For” Sweet Corn Mix
  • Flint/Pop Corn- Pop Right Popcorn Mix
  • Flint/Pop Corn- Decorative Popcorn Mix
  • Flour Corn- Mandan Mix
  • Herb- Basil Mix
  • Herb- Lacy Fennel Mix
  • Herb- Parsley Mix
  • Flowers- Mix for Bees and other Beneficial Insects