Garden of Diversity - LIRSC Membership

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Garden of Diversity - LIRSC Membership


This year grow a garden of diversity and help support the work we do by becoming a member of LIRSC.

Grow hundreds of different varieties in your garden for only $100.

  • 12 packets of seed (Choose from over 70 packets - see below)
  • visit to the farm in Southold, NY*
  • access to email hotline for tips and questions
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  • Bush Bean- Colorful Gourmet Mix
  • Bush Bean- Green and Yellow Garden Beans Mixed
  • Pole Garden Bean- Ultimate Multicolor Mix
  • Pole Garden Bean- Emerite or Fortex Mix
  • Yard Long Bean- Mixed Varieties
  • Runner Bean- Runner Beans Mixed
  • Dwarf Shelling Peas- English Pea Mix
  • Dwarf Snow Pea- Heirloom Mix
  • Tall Snow Pea- Monk’s Madness Mix
  • Dwarf Snap Pea- Stringless Snap Pea Mix
  • Soybean- Edamame Mix
  • Beet- Colorful Roots Mix
  • Beet- Sweet Beet Mix
  • Chard- Color Mix
  • Carrot- We Three Orange Mix
  • Carrot- Super Colorful Mix
  • Radish- Simple Round Red and White Mix
  • Radish- Farmers Friend Radish Mix
  • Turnip- White Orient Mix
  • Rutabaga- Swede Mix
  • Broccoli- All Season Mix
  • Broccoli- Greens Mix
  • Broccoli-Raab- Raab Mix
  • Cabbage- So Many Kinds Cabbage Mix
  • Brussels Sprouts- Mixed Brussels Sprouts
  • Cauliflower- Colorful Curds Cauliflower Mix
  • Collards- Leaf Cabbages Mix
  • Kale- Winter Kale Mix
  • Kohlrabi- Vienna Kohlrabi Mix
  • Kohlrabi- Giant Kohlrabi Mix
  • Bulbing Onion- Northern Onion Mix
  • Leek- Winter Hardy Mix
  • Okra- Okra Mix
  • Eggplant- Diverse Mix of Eggplants
  • Eggplant- Three Italians Mix


* Visit to the farm includes a tour of the LIRSC fields, up close look at ongoing projects, conversation with farmers and breeders and more!  Transportation to and from the farm is the sole responsibility of each member.  Dates and times will be set up on an ongoing basis.

  • Sweet Peppers- All Kinds Mixed
  • Sweet Pepper- Colorful Bell Pepper Mix
  • Sweet Pepper- Yummy Mixed
  • Sweet Peppers- Baby Bell Mixed
  • Hot Pepper- Hot Pepper Mix
  • Cantaloupe/MuskmelonMix
  • Watermelon- Sweet and Colorful Mix
  • Lettuce- Let Us Grow Lettuce Mix
  • Celery- Mixed Celery
  • Celeriac- Mixed
  • Bulbing Fennel- Florence Mixed
  • Chicory- Chicory and Raddichio Mixed
  • Endive- Endive and Escarole Mixed
  • Spinach- I Am What I AM Mixed
  • Mustard- East Meets West Mixed
  • Cucumber- Mixed Slicing Cucumbers
  • Cucumber- Mixed Pickling Cucumbers
  • Summer Squash- Asteroid Scallop Summer Squash Mix
  • Summer Squash- Orbit Round Summer Squash Mix
  • Summer Squash- Widgets Summer Squash Grex
  • Summer Squash- Colorful Zucchini Mix
  • Summer Squash- Not a Crook-Yellow Squash Mix
  • Winter Squash- Acorn and Dumpling Squash Mix
  • Winter Squash- Hubbard Mix
  • Winter Squash- Large and Decorative Mix
  • Winter Squash- Smaller Kinds Mixed
  • Pumpkin- Halloween Pumpkins Mix
  • Sweet Corn- “Earliest” Sweet Corn Mix
  • Sweet Corn- “Worth Waiting For” Sweet Corn Mix
  • Flint/Pop Corn- Pop Right Popcorn Mix
  • Flint/Pop Corn- Decorative Popcorn Mix
  • Flour Corn- Mandan Mix
  • Herb- Basil Mix
  • Herb- Lacy Fennel Mix
  • Herb- Parsley Mix
  • Flowers- Mix for Bees and other Beneficial Insects